Cultural Issues

Legal and political issues aside, it is often the cultural and social issues that are upstream from any legislative action. Especially in a democracy, politicians know that to get reelected they need to tread a fine line and take a stand on topics that are culturally in vogue. Books providing cultural analysis or ones that talk of the social order are numerous within our site.

Popular at the time of this post are debates about racism, sexism, feminism and other such social justice issues relating to discrimination, freedom of association, freedom of speech, human rights, or political correctness. These topics and others, such as popular culture, American culture and Western Civilization, are all represented within the books at Books of Liberty.

Observations from many writers on these issues are provided through commentary and opinion and often investigative journalism leads down an interesting path, shedding light on such issues.

You’d be anywhere from shocked to amused if you choose one of these books, so choose wisely. And as always, thank you for reading!