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Books of Liberty is covered under the BipCot NoGov license. You may have seen the logo at the bottom of every page next to the disclaimer that we are an Amazon affiliate. What does this mean?

The BipCot NoGov License allows any use of software, media, products or services EXCEPT by governments. The BipCot NoGov License threatens no “government guns” for violators. It is not copyright-based, it is entirely shame-based. You can go to to read the license in full.

The idea was conceived by Michael W. Dean and Derrick Slopey as an alternative to the copyright mechanism. “Magic words do not grant extra rights”, they claim and I agree. Just because agents of the government can come at you with guns if you choose to copy something that was made public, that doesn’t mean it’s right. So the alternative is a statement implying that sharing is caring, but only with people who do not abuse the relationship, which is with everyone except government officials, in this case.

The good people behind gave Books of Liberty a nice shout-out last week and I am very happy to be part of a growing movement of people finding voluntary, creative and peaceful alternatives to everyday issues impacting us all. From their blog:

Great new searchable site cataloging liberty books:

This seems like a much-needed and very useful site.

This was followed by my pseudo ‘press release’:

I wanted to let you guys know of a website that I think you will all appreciate – fully covered by the BipCot license. It’s called Books of Liberty ( and its blog (

It’s a website cataloging books related to all the subjects that we can agree on.

But it’s not just anarchy, history, economics books that you could find on Mises or FEE… there’s a whole ton of subjects like communication skills, peaceful parenting, entrepreneurship, etc.

These are books that might have been targeted for a wider (read ‘statist’) audience, but have merit in that if you put these into practice it would help you achieve a degree of liberty (or consistency with NAP) in your personal life. So really it covers a huge spectrum of subjects with the aim of being the ultimate resource of books that would appeal to those seeking to pursue liberty.

Right now there are over 1,600 titles!! There’s a blog, there’s a Facebook page, a closed Facebook Group where there are threads dedicated to books, so you can have discussions about specific books. You can save books to your library or create a wishlist to get back to your favorites easily. And any book that has a free PDF or audio-book online (and there are hundreds of them!) the link is placed directly in the page. So it’s probably the easiest way to find free ebook/audio book, even easier than the Mises website, dare I say.

The way it’s designed is that each book is tagged with all the key topics related to that book (15-20 tags/book on average). The main page allows you to search by topic, so you don’t have to try to find a book through a hierarchical structure, you can just search by the specific topic that interests you (and there are over 800 topics, so there’s something for everyone!).

This is especially useful if you’re interested in the intersection of multiple topics, e.g. History, Technology, and Critique of the State – what do you know, you can easily find the 9 books that cover those 3 topics. Anyway, it’s a free resource that will hopefully help us find books that we never knew existed, that will remind us of books we forgot about, give us inspiration if we’re interested in reading something new, and help educate masses when they ask about more info on a particular topic.

And I’m super proud of licensing it under BipCot NoGov License.

For those who haven’t picked through my Privacy Policy and Terms of Service with a fine tooth comb, I’ll save you the hassle and reproduce from the Terms of Service the clause relating to intellectual property:


The Company does not believe in the legitimacy of intellectual property rights. Sharing is caring. Copying is not stealing. Share the contents of this Website however you like. The true aim of this website is getting the word out of all the amazing things humanity has achieved despite the domination structures in which we live. If there is a way to get this information into more people’s hands, please do so in whatever peaceful, productive way possible. Do not violate the non-aggression principle in doing so, but do not worry about the Company pursuing you for ‘intellectual property theft’. The contents of this Website are covered under the BipCot NoGov license.

Feel free to peruse the legalese in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for other ‘easter eggs’.

Books to pique your interest

This blog post was inspired by the news that Books of Liberty is now front-and-center on the BipCot blog. All I really wanted to achieve in this blog post was to highlight where Books of Liberty and I stand on intellectual property.

But while we’re on the subject, three important books come to mind, which provide cohesive and comprehensive critiques of intellectual property. These are:

I will save it for another day to provide a more extensive blog post on the topic of intellectual property, but I would certainly not want to leave you all without a book recommendation (or three). While you’re at it, be sure to check out the product of the brain behind BipCot, Michael W. Dean, and his book A User’s Manual for the Human Experience.

Concluding thoughts

My hat off to Michael W. Dean and Derrick Slopey for coming up with a creative alternative solution that doesn’t involve coercive force. Love it or hate it, it’s a bold statement that says “We do not care about your laws. We’ve got a different idea.” I hope you find inspiration in their work. And as always, thank you for reading!

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