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Our blog is maintained by Daniel Shafrir, the founder and curator of Books of Liberty, for the purpose of highlighting unique books and interesting topics that you might find at our parent site, Books of Liberty.

We created Books of Liberty because we know that there are so many books out there, it’s hard to keep track. We developed a site that would allow you to find what you’re looking for in a simple, intuitive manner.

However, we also know that for many people the opposite is perceived; many feel that “…there just aren’t many books on the topics that interest me.” We seek to shatter that myth by collecting the many hundreds of books and bringing them to your attention.

At Books of Liberty, we’ve hand-picked over 1,500 titles from hundreds of authors for you to browse. We’ve tagged each book with detailed keywords, representing its contents, for you to browse.

And at the Books of Liberty blog, we’ve taken it a step further and regularly post about individual books, authors and topics we believe you will find interesting and that help you on your path of uncovering fascinating content.

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